Susan Martin is a printmaker, painter and mark-maker practicing in Raleigh, North Carolina. She specializes in small editions of traditionally made hand-pulled prints. One at a time.

About the work:

All of my compositions are intentionally arranged to create a measured tension between object and setting. These collections of contrived objects exist only as staged memorials on paper with no documented history. The works are purposefully fictitious but flirting with reality. 

On process:

Most of my current work is done through the intaglio printmaking technique of drypoint. Drypoint is considered a “direct” method of plate making where marks are made by drawing directly onto plates, often copper, with a sharp instrument. The plates are then inked, wiped with tarlatan (a stiff cheese cloth) and run through an etching press with a sheet of dampened paper. It’s a method that dates back hundreds of years and one that I enjoy for its challenging nature, and the coercion and patience required to produce complex lines and tone.